Dreams of Being

A Kids Book Series De-mystifying the Journey from Childhood to a Career

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Kids have big dreams for their futures. In our series of seven books, we want to support these dreams, ignite kids’ curiosity and encourage them to feel excited about their future careers.

We asked children what they want to be when they grow up – and then we introduced them to grownups who are actually working in those professions. In every book, one real-life kid gets to interview their role model and discover what their job is really like.

Whether they want to enter a profession, like future dentist Aralyn, or have a more creative field in mind – like Daniella, a future painter – kids get their questions answered while also learning that hard work and dedication are the answers to all their dreams.

Journey - Dreams of Being

The Bridal Shop Owner/Designer

Journey was thrilled to get an interview with Sandra from Beautiful Brides so she could learn more about becoming a bridal shop owner and dress designer.

Sandra had a great story to share. She told Journey all about how she got started, and she explained the importance of a business plan, networking, and good customer service.

At the end of the interview, Sandra even invited Journey to try on a few dresses! Journey left the interview feeling inspired and more determined than ever to make her dreams a reality.

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